Short stay [ Single studio apartments]
Ashiyie, Fulani RD [Adenta]

Short stay Apartments
cozy and stylish space with modern amenities and a comfortable
luxurious oasis with elegant decor, breathtaking views, and impeccable services

Single Rooms without AC (fan)
Daily- 200 cedis
Weekly- 900 cedis
Monthly- 2800 cedis

Double rooms rate (ie chamber and hall)
Daily-300 cedis
Weekly-1200 cedis
Monthly - 3800 cedis

Apartments with AC (single)
Daily- 450 cedis
Weekly- 1900 cedis
Monthly- 6800 cedis

Apartment with AC ( double)

Daily - 600
Weekly- 2300
Monthly- 8000 cedis

LOCATION: Ashiyie Fulani RD, Adenta
Contact: 0241761723


Rent Price: $ 75
Availability: Rooms Available

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